Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Air Conditioning Project

The City Council has sent out for bids on the newly redesigned library air conditioning project. Bids are due back to City Hall by January 11, 2007.

If a bid is accepted, the project should be completed in time for next summer's hot temperatures.

Holiday Hours

The Library will be closed for the Christmas holiday on December 25 and 26. It will also be closed on January 1st.

Visit the Library website for access to the library catalog, databases, schedule of events, and other information.

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Computer Classes at the Library

Computer classes are offered at the Hibbing Public Library. Classes combing up in January are Computer Basics, Internet for Beginners, Email (Yahoo), Searching the Internet, Working with Word, and Build a Wiki.

Sessions are free and about 90 minutes long. Space is limited so registration is required. Reservations can be made in person or by calling the library at 262-1038 or by emailing the library.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Book Review

The Rising Tide
By Jeff Shaara

First in a series on World War II, the action begins in the Libyan Desert, North Africa in 1942. The book moves back and forth between the German and Allied forces as the battles are fought with infantry and armored divisions. Various maps illustrate the confrontations between armies.

Erwin Rommel known as the Desert Fox, commander of the German Africa Corps in North Africa, fights first the British and then the Americans with Panzer divisions.

Dwight Eisenhower is chosen by Roosevelt and Churchill to lead the Allied command in North Africa. Operation Torch has British and American forces landing in Morocco and Algeria where they will first confront the Vichy French government and then the Germans.

Jeff Shaara is best known for his novels on the Civil War, has also written a book on World War I where many commanders of World War II got their training.