Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mental Floss Emagazine

Mental Floss has amazing facts, lists and quizzes to engage the brain.

For example: Thirteen houses with secret passageways:
or Film of San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake:

Here is the link to see what other emagazines are available through Hibbing Public Library and Arrowhead Library System with your library card:

Mental Floss also has a website:

Monday, July 29, 2013

It Happens in the Dark: a Mallory Novel by Carol O'Connell

Winter in The Theater District of New York City: Peter Beck, playwright, watches the play, The Brass Bed, which he originally created until a ghostwriter started rewriting all the lines.  Drunk and bitter, Peter Beck shows up at the theater for his reserved seat to find he is shunted towards the wall in the front row. During a point in the play when all the lights go out, Peter Beck is stabbed in the neck. When found by the theater folk, they groan, for Peter Beck is not the first to die during the performance of The Brass Bed.
Detectives Mallory and Riker from the Special Crimes Unit are called to investigate – suicide or murder? In this eleventh book in the Mallory series, Kathy Mallory, half the age of her partner, Riker, is a legend in the police department. Mallory has her own code and idea of justice; though the department respects her, many also fear her. 

The eccentricity of the actors and the backstage workings of the theater make this an entertaining and exceptional story. Axel Clayborne, a famous actor, has disappeared from Hollywood and shown up as a central character in The Brass Bed. Bugsy, the gopher; Leonard Crippen, theater critic; and Nan Cooper, wardrobe lady; all have surprising backgrounds which when revealed could point to any one of them being the mysterious ghostwriter.  One of the best books for characterization this year. Start with he first book in the series, Mallory's Oracle.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sandrine's Case by Thomas H. Cook

Sandrine's Case

 A man on trial, for the murder of his wife - did he murder her or did she commit suicide?

Read the Kirkus Review of Thomas H. Cook's latest book:

Light of the World: A Dave Robicheaux Novel by James Lee Burke

Light of the World: A Dave Robicheaux Novel

Louisiana Sherriff’s Detective Dave Robicheaux and his longtime friend and partner Clete Purcel are vacationing in Montana’s spectacular Big Sky country when a series of suspicious events leads them to believe their lives—and the lives of their families—are in danger. from cover.
Twentieth book in this long running mystery series, start with The Neon Rain.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Bad monkey by Carl Hiassen

Bad Monkey

Carl Hiassen spins a tale that is funny but pointed towards the greedy and corrupt who try to destroy a once pristine and unspoiled Florida.
Yancy, who once worked for the Miami Police and the Monroe County sheriff's department has a human arm in his freezer. Many eccentric characters and bizarre situations make a Hiassen book hysterical and sometimes grisly to read.
Visit for more information about himself and his books.
Read the book or listen to the audiobook.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Event offers Back-to-School health checkups - Hibbing Daily Tribune: Health

Event offers Back-to-School health checkups - Hibbing Daily Tribune: Health

Smoking: Quit or Cut Back?

Study shows that quitting is more beneficial than just cutting back.  But do what you can!

MedlinePlus: Trusted Health Information for You

The Redeemer by Jo Nesbo

Jo Nesbø's The Redeemer, OUT IN THE U.S. NOW

From Jo Nesbo's website: "With his ten internationally acclaimed crime novels featuring Detective Harry Hole, Jo Nesbø has achieved an unparalleled success both in his native country Norway and abroad, winning the hearts of critics, booksellers and readers alike. Translated into more than forty languages, awarded a whole range of awards and boasting record-breaking sales, Nesbø has been lavishly praised by international critics for broadening the scope of the contemporary crime novel, and is today regarded as one the best crime writers of our time."

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Musical Performance & Songwriters Workshop

Preston Gunderson, a native from Virginia, Minnesota, will perform songs from his album "While I Was Gone" which cracked the top 200 on the iTunes pop charts, and songs from his latest release, "The Recluse-EP" which was top 25 on the iTunes singer songwriter charts.  Preston will perform and provide a workshop on writing and recording original music, his processes and his musical experiences as a singer/songwriter at the Hibbing Public Library.

This musical performance and songwriters workshop is for both teens and adults.

This project was funded in part by a grant from Minnesota's Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund and the Arrowhead Library System.

Storm Front by Richard Castle


Richard Castle answers the question:
Which authors/literature are you inspired by?
All of them. Highbrow. Lowbrow. You name it. Props to the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and Tom Swift. Rex Stout, Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, Ian Fleming, le Carré, Poe, J.K. Rowling, Connelly, Robert Parker, Homer, Frank Miller, Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Ellery Queen, Stephen King, Bob Dylan, Rimbaud, Wallace Stevens and H.A.& Margret Rey. I’m sure there are many, many others. But I’m sleepy now, and am going to take a nap.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Kids Reading This Summer

The summer reading program will be over at the end of July.  Keep your kids reading during the month of August.

Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Kids Reading This Summer

The Heist by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

Special Agent Kate O'Hare, FBI,  who has made capturing the notorious Nicholas Fox, international con man and thief, her mission and her career,  must team up with Fox to hunt down another dastardly criminal. First book in a new series, Evanovich and Goldberg collaborate to create the team of combative O'Hare and Fox to solve crimes.
Both authors have websites:
Janet Evanovich:
Lee Goldberg:

Monday, July 15, 2013

Eleven Rings: The soul of success by Phil Jackson and Hugh Delehanty

Phil Jackson: "Some coaches are obsessed with winning trophies; others like to see their faces on TV. What moves me is watching young men bond together and tap into the magic that arises when they focus-with their whole heart and soul-on something greater than themselves. Once you've experienced that, it's something you never forget."
Read about how he took the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers to the NBA Championship eleven times.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Preston Gunderson at the Library in August

Coming in August!

Singer-songwriter, Preston Gunderson will be at the Hibbing Public Library on Monday, August 12, 2013 at noon.

Preston is originally from the Iron Range and was a casting finalist on "The Voice".

Click here to see his official website.

Watch Hibbing Public Library news and the website for additional information!  If you like music this program should not be missed!

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Joyland by Stephen King

"I love crime, I love mysteries, and I love ghosts," says Stephen King, who has combined these elements into a wonderful new story. Joyland is a whodunit noir crime novel and a haunting ghost story set in the world of an amusement park. from

1973, Devin Jones, college student, takes a summer job at the indie Joyland carnie on the beach in North Carolina. A fortune teller and a boy in a wheel chair give him warnings, a murdered girl haunts the Horror House and Devin saves a few lives. The carnival slang and characters add another layer to the crime and ghost story. A coming of age novel with a new twist.


Monday, July 01, 2013

Raw Essence: 165 delicious recipes for raw living by David Cote and Mathieu Gallant

"We are what we eat... Our future depends on what we will eat..."
The authors want you to eat organic, locally grown foods to improve your health, maintain a healthy weight and limit processed foods. Recipes for beverages, appetizers, soups, salads and spreads are included as well as how to ferment and dehydrate food. Try some of the desserts: Island Lime Pie, Tiramisu or 'Dark Desire' Cake. Find the book under 641.5636 COTE

Diabetes Meals for Good Health by Karen Graham

The second edition offers a new section on food choices for good health by showing four different versions of a food or drink. The last item on each page is the healthiest of the four possibilities.
Karen Graham offers ten changes for good health by eating breakfast, eat the proper portions, eat less fat, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water and limit sugar, salt and alcohol as well as shop smarter, limit restaurant meals and start walking for exercise.
Recipes and meal plans are offered and the book can be found in 641.56314 GRAHA