Friday, June 09, 2006

Mystery Book Review

Mystery Book Review

If you enjoy mysteries, watch this blog for reviews of titles you might otherwise miss.

Dark Light
By Randy Wayne White

Doc Ford, marine biologist and his hippy friend, Tomlinson are back in Randy Wayne White’s latest book, “Dark Light.” A hurricane sweeps through Sanibel Island, a shipwreck is uncovered and a beach house emerges. Local residents regard the house and its owner with some puzzlement. Few remembered the house even existed. The owner is even more mysterious. She appears to Tomlinson and Ford, but only entertains at night. Ford and Tomlinson set out to selvage the sunken pleasure cruiser, “Dark Light” sunk during in hurricane in 1944 but not without competition from a local marina owner and his thugs. The mystery woman and the cruiser share a history involving Nazi artifacts, World War II, and doomed romance. 13th in the series, the quirky residents of Sanibel Island make this book an enjoyable read.

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