Thursday, March 08, 2007

Kill A Watt - Energy measuring devices now avialable at the Library

The Hibbing Public Library now has 3 "Kill A Watt" testers that can be checked out for 28 days to test the efficiency of your electrical appliances.

Lake country Power has supplied area libraries with this energy measuring device. Each kit includes the Kill A Watt, a carrying case and a laminated instruction card.

The Kill A Watt meter shows consumers how much energy various appliances use. By comparing these measurements to that of average use and more efficient Energy Star products, they can then make educated decisions on where their appliance dollars are best spent. They can also learn to improve on the efficient use of an appliance by either unplugging while not in use, adjusting temperatures or modifying their activity.

Common energy wasting practices found by the Kill A Watt include extra refrigerators and televisions left running when not needed, home office equipment that can use energy while sitting idle such as computers and printers and the energy lost from a heated water bed not properly covered.

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