Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mystery Book Review

The Spellman Files
By Lisa Lutz
Isabel Spellman, private investigator, works for Spellman Investigations, the family business based in an old Victorian in San Francisco.
Isabel and her perfect older brother David, began work for Spellman Investigations when they were 12 and 14. The first job assigned was picking up trash from the subject’s residence, putting on a pair of gloves and separating the bank statements, bills, and letters from food or other noxious trash. Surveillance came soon after court record searches.
Rae Spellman, the youngest of the Spellman children by 14 years, began her surveillance work when she was six because no one could stand her relentless begging to be allowed on the job.
Life in the Spellman household is never dull and surveillance is not used on just the clients; they spy on each other with often hilarious results.
First novel in a series, see more information on Lisa Lutz at

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