Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Library Artwork

The paintings that have been in storage since last spring, the beginning of the air conditioning project, are once again on exhibit. The works are on the walls of the reference/reading area, above the fireplace in the children’s room, and in the stairwell to the basement.

The majority of the paintings have been owned by the library since 1919. At that time the Library Board of Trustees and the library director, Dorothy Hurlbert, invited a Chicago art dealer to exhibit, a collection of American paintings at the library. Four thousand Hibbingites viewed the art and voted on their favorites. The Library Board then purchased several of the paintings. Others have been added to the collection since that time.

Among the original works purchased was Halt on the Carry by Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait. Tait’s works usually depicted landscapes and animals. At the time of its showing this painting was said to be an instant favorite with the men of Hibbing.

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