Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Book Review: Murder in Paradise by Alanna Knight

Inspector Faro reflects back on one of his first cases in this 17th book in the series. While chasing a thief and murderer from Edinburgh to Kent in Southern England, Inspector Faro runs into old school friend, Erland Flett, engaged soon to be married. Invited to the wedding and to stay at Red House, an artists’ community, Inspector Faro happily accepts the invitation where he can secretly observe the small village close to where the criminal MacHeath was last captured before he escaped from the local police.

All matches are not made in heaven when Erland’s fiancĂ© turns out to be Madeleine Smith, tried but not convicted of poisoning her lover with arsenic. Will Inspector Faro catch the criminal MacHeath before he kills again? Will Madeleine try to poison her fiancĂ©? Inspector Faro is on the case. Author Alanna Knight is currently celebrating 40 years since the publication of her first book. Read more about Ms. Knight and her mystery series here: http://www.alannaknight.com/

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