Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Website of the Week: Wordnik

Wordle: Untitled
Are you a Logophile? According to Merrian-Webster, "Someone who loves words is called a logophile. Despite there being quite a few of us word-lovers, logophile is not common enough to find its way into
most dictionaries. Logophile comes from two Greek roots--logos, meaning "speech, word, reason" and philos, meaning "dear, friendly"--and these roots have also played a part in other more common English words.
Check out the website: Wordnik: and click on a word floating down the screen to find out definitions, where the word originated and how the word is used in a sentence.
Wordnik says this about itself: Wordnik is billions of words, 969,697,008 example sentences, 6,702,650 unique words, 224,828 comments, 169,023 tags, 121,189 pronunciations, 63,099 favorites and 945,572 words in 30,392 lists created by 71,572 Wordniks.

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