Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Trout Caviar: Recipes from a Northern Forager by Brett Laidlaw

The author grew up in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and spent time each summer on Lake Brereton in eastern Manitoba: “I can recall so clearly all the sensations of cleaning the fish we caught, an activity which took place in late morning in the cool shade of the pines beside the cabin, on a wooden table covered with newspapers in the yard of packed dirt with a patina of pine needles. I recall the smell of the fish, kept on a stringer in the lake until we were ready to clean them. They smelled … lakey, not fishy, not bad at all, but fresh and watery. When I’m lucky enough to find supremely fresh fish today, I’ll take a good whiff and think, Ah, it smells like Lake Brereton.”
Brett Laidlaw wants to share with the reader his interest in natural foods while finding those foods in the wild, local gardens or the market. Check out the recipes and try a few including: Summer Lake Trout Chowder, Trout Caviar and Apple Blackberry Galette. Find the book in the new book section: 641.302 LAIDLAW

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