Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Witness by Nora Roberts

The Witness
Elizabeth, at sixteen, rebels against her mother - with alarming consequences. On the fast track to medical school, Elizabeth wants to study cyber crimes instead of becoming a surgeon like her mother. After a fight with her mother, she goes to the local mall, meets up with a former acquaintance from high school, goes on a shopping spree, changes her looks, forges identification to get her new friend and her into a Russian mafia owned nightclub where they allow the owner and his associate to buy them drinks.
Drunk, both girls go to the Russian night club owner’s home with the associate when Elizabeth or Liz – new name with new looks - goes out on the terrace to get some air when two Russian thugs kill associate and Liz’s new best friend. Liz, hand clamped over her mouth to prevent them hearing her gasp, witnesses the killing, jumps up and runs for her life.
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UK said...

The Witness was a return to the great books Ms. Roberts writes. I had not liked the last 2 as much, but this one met all my expectations. It is a really good read. I could have been happier with the ending because it seemed a little bit abrupt but on the whole it was a really good read. I stayed up half the night reading and neglected my Algebra homework to finish it. It was worth it. The last 2 I easily put down and I mean the last 2 in this category not J.D. Robb or the new paperback trilogy.