Thursday, June 26, 2014

Shots Fired: stories from Joe Pickett Country by C. J. Box

This book of short suspenseful stories is a great introduction to the Joe Pickett series. Joe, game warden, with his dog, Daisy, investigates crimes and accidents in Wyoming. In one story, he finds lights from a submerged car below the ice. When Joe hikes across the lake to investigate, he finds a former basketball star frozen with her arm in the ice above the lights. He is sorrowful that young adults with great potential throw their lives away on drugs and alcohol. Other short stories include a young girl who loves her grandfather and appreciates the fishing lessons he gives her; and a couple of criminals who think they will become rich stealing rare microorganisms from another criminal who has illegally collected the bio-samples from Yellowstone Park. C. J. Box has written 18 books, 14 of them in the Joe Pickett series. Find in new fiction under Fiction BOX.

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