Thursday, September 25, 2014

Those Who Wish Me Dead by Michael Koryta

Jace Wilson, 14, witnesses a murder and is sent to a wilderness skills program in Montana to hide him from the killers. Allison and Ethan run a survival camp for troubled teens and decide they will take him on without the knowledge of which boy in the group is the witness. Jace escapes from two brothers who have an eccentric way of talking to each other as if no one else is present.  They are willing to torture and kill anyone who gets in the way of their hunt for Jace. Meanwhile, in the same vicinity, Hannah, a former hotshot firefighter, quits when her whole team gets overrun by fire and she is the only survivor. Now she lives and works in a fire tower, reporting fires when she spots them in the same rugged terrain that the survival groups practices their skills. When the brothers Jack and Patrick meet up with the local sheriff, they torture him until he gives up the name Allison. They start a fire to hide the evidence of murder and move on to find Allison next. Chilling and suspenseful, Michael Koryta gets better and better. Find in new books: Fiction KORYTA

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