Thursday, June 25, 2009

Great New Database!

The LearningExpress Library is now available from the library's database page. It features over 800 online courses, tests, and e-books that will help you find a job, enhance your career, get into college, and excel in school.

Find all of the following:

  • SAT, ACT, and graduate school admissions test prep
  • Advanced Placement and CLEP test prep
  • GED test prep
  • Reading, writing, and math skills improvement for grades 4 and up
  • Job-search, resume-writing and interviewing skills improvement
  • Career licensing/certification test prep
  • Workplace and academic skills improvement

This database is available from all library computers and your home computer. Just click on "Databases and Search Engines" or our main page, click on education, and click on LearningExpress Library.

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