Thursday, June 11, 2009

Microsoft's New and Enhanced Search Engine Named 'Bing' Debuts

Microsoft's new general search engine, named Bing, is now live and ready for use.

The ResourceShelf Newsletter offers the following comment:

"Overall, while it's good and important to have another unique database of web content out there, we are a bit saddened to see the lack of new feature and services with this first release of Bing as opposed to what was available with Bing is worth knowing about and using, but getting the masses to switch to it as their default search tool will be a massive challenge. Time will tell. Expect to see a lot of advertising for Bing. Finally, Bing Maps (and imagery) continues to mesmerize, and the limiting functions for images and video are very useful."

So if you want to try something other than Google or Yahoo move on over a give Bing an try.

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