Monday, July 25, 2011

Flying Yo-Yo's!

The last show for the Summer Reading Program will feature the energy and fun of Yo-Yo Master Dazzling Dave.  A former middle school teacher, Dave’s heart and soul are still in teaching – but now he’s found a better way. Delivering intensely fun freestyle performances followed by friendly hands-on instruction, Dave teaches his “students” hand-eye coordination, goal setting & achievement, performance techniques, and the fundamentals of physics, all through the Science of Spin program and his hand-held classroom on a string.

The show starts at 2:00pm on Tuesday, July 26.  As always, this show is free and open to the all ages.

Speaking of the Summer Reading program, if you have reached your reading goal, make sure you get to the library by 5:00pm on Friday, July 29 to pick up your prizes.

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