Monday, July 25, 2011

Hotwire by Alex Kava

Special Agent for the FBI, Maggie O’Dell, is sent to Nebraska to check out cattle mutilations on her way to teach at a law enforcement seminar. The x-file style of cattle mutilations becomes less important when high school students partying out in the woods, see a mysterious light show ending in the death of two students and injuries of others. Maggie with local state patrol investigator, Donald Fergusson, conduct interviews where the victims stories are hallucinogenic in nature. Were students attacked and electrocuted by governmental experiments or UFOS or something more sinister?

Army Colonel Ben Platt is investigating an outbreak of suspected food poisoning at a local school in Washington D.C. Platt, new- found friend of Maggie’s is just as stumped with the origin of the poisoning as Roger Bix, both experts on infectious diseases.

The two stories run parallel until the last few pages when suddenly the investigations shockingly merge. Hotwire is ninth in the Maggie O’Dell series. Alex Kava has a website:

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