Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Restless in the Grave by Dana Stabenow

Kate Shugak goes to Newenham undercover to help out Sergeant Liam Campbell while proving his wife Wy Chouinard, didn’t kill her biggest competitor in the air taxi business, Finn Grant. Kate, accompanied by her half wolf and half dog, Mutt, rents a place from the victim’s family and finds work in the local bar where she hears unsavory rumors about the late Finn Grant. Finn Grant died in a plane crash but whether the crash was accidental or something more sinister remains to be uncovered by Kate.  

Kate soon gets into her share of trouble when she is attacked and thrown into a chest freezer with Mutt. As the list of suspects grows to include family and enemies around town, Kate finds that Grant has been buying up property and businesses whether owners want to sell or not.

Dana Stabenow combines the Kate Shugak and Liam Campbell series for another suspenseful and action packed book set in Alaska. And being in Alaska doesn’t hurt.

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