Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Rope by Nevada Barr

The Rope by Nevada BarrAnna Pigeon, thirty five and newly widowed, leaves the safety of New York and her sister to travel to a new job as a seasonal employee at Glen Canyon National Recreational Area.
Anna wakes up:
"A wild spin of pain forced the black drowning tide in
Anna's mind to recede. Either she was waking up or falling down. She wasn't sure. Hot iron pressed against the soles of her feet, the burn cutting through the crud clogging her brain. The inside of her eyelid turned bleeding red. Shying from the glare, she turned her head, her cheek rasping against whatever she'd passed out on. Movement loosed a vicious wailing inside her skull: an unoiled hinge, nails on a blackboard, a dull Boy Scout knife scraping piano wire."
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