Monday, August 12, 2013

The Edge of Normal by Carla Norton

Reeve LeClaire, 22, lives in California and weekly sees psychiatrist Dr. Lerner, the leading authority on captivity syndromes. When Reeve was kidnapped at the age of 12, she disappeared without a trace. Held in captivity for four years, she is set free by accident when the car she is concealed in is involved in an accident. Daryl Wayne Flint, kidnapper and abuser, is sent to a mental institution by a crafty lawyer. Through determination and support, Reeve has transformed herself and found a job.  

Then Dr. Lerner gets a call from nearby Jefferson City that another girl, Tilly Cavanaugh, has been found alive after being held captive and chained in a basement for thirteen months. Asking Reeve for her help and insight, Dr. Lerner and Reeve help Tilly while trying to determine if she has knowledge of Abby Hill or Hannah Creighton who have also disappeared in the last 2 years. Randy Vanderholt, 35, with a criminal record has been held for the kidnapping, but proclaims he has no knowledge of the other two missing local girls.

Suspenseful, The Edge of Normal keeps the reader engaged until the final page. Will Abby and Hannah be found alive? Is there a connection between the abductions that will lead the investigators to the missing girls.

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