Friday, October 18, 2013

Recommended Reading

Pick up one of the following books at the library that were listed in the “Top Ten First Novels of 2013” in Booklist magazine.

The Death of Bees By Lisa O’Donnell.
In this deeply human page-turner, O’Donnell portrays two sisters who have just buried their wretched parents behind their Glasgow housing development and must now steer clear of their nosy neighbor.

Fellow Mortals By Dennis Mahoney.
Mahoney’s quietly powerful debut tracks the impact of a sudden tragedy on a suburban neighborhood after a mail carrier accidentally starts a fatal fire.

Lotería By Mario Alberto Zambrano.
Zambrano’s stunning and engaging debut takes the form of the journal of 11-year-old Luz Castillo, who has been taken into the state’s custody and only communicates by writing entries inspired by illustrations on the cards for Lotería, a Mexican bingo-like game.

The Twelve Tribes of Hattie By Ayana Mathis.

Hattie, 16, flees Jim Crow Georgia and settles in Philadelphia. As Mathias tracks Hattie’s long struggles and those of her many children, she illuminates, with blazing insight, the crushed dreams and complexly tragic legacy of the Great Migration.

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