Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Runner by Patrick Lee

Sam Dryden of El Sedero, finds running on the boardwalk next to the Pacific Ocean a compulsion. He runs at all hours. One night, he meets a young girl running from a group of men with guns. Without thinking, Sam grabs the girl’s hand and they hide under the board walk where they hear the chilling words that the men mean to kill her.
In charge of the hunt, a shadowy figure named Gaul has a satellite feed trained on the two. He arrogantly assumes that he will shortly have the two in custody. However, Sam and the girl escape in a pickup Sam hotwires. Sam, unfortunately, drops his wallet in his run from the boardwalk and Gaul soon realizes that Sam has Army Ranger skills as well as disappearing into black ops for six years.

And so the adrenaline-charged chase begins. Sam and the girl are barely a step ahead of a clandestine group where telling the good guys from the bad guys can be difficult until the secret agenda is revealed.  Nonstop action and scientific technological advances in mind control makes this book a terrific read. 

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