Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Flip by Martyn Bedford

Flip (c2011) is the story of 14 year old Alex who goes to sleep on a winter night and wakes up six months later in someone else's bed, in someone else's room, in someone else's family, in another part of the country.  In fact, he is in someone else's body!  Philip is athletic but not so smart; quite different from Alex on the outside but now with Alex's mind inside. 
Why is Alex in Flip's body?  
Where has Flip's mind/soul gone?  

Which boys' skills and talents will come through?  
Is there anyway for Alex to get out?  To go home?

Hibbing teens will find some familiar things here: cell phones and Google searches.  But the story is set in England so school will seem a bit different.  A fun read that blends everyday teen struggles with a science fiction twist (or flip!)  
This is Martyn Bedford's first Young Adult/teen novel.  He also writes novels for adults (http://martynbedford.com)
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