Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thank You To Our Many Visitors

Every year many people travel to Hibbing to visit the community where Bob Dylan grew up.  The library would like to thank all these visitors for stopping in, spending time, and signing our guest book.  Some of you are artists, some poets, and all of you are very appreciative fans.  We would like to share with everyone some of the art and comments from our guest book.

"Great tribute!  Finally visiting the hometown of my favorite musical genius and poet!  Definitely will be visiting again"  (Chicago, ILL)

"He moves my soul..."  (Cathedral City, CA)

"Grew up 2 blocks west of Zimmerman home.  Thanks Bob for the music!"

"In 1983 my brother wrote a paper on Dylan in college and introduced me to his music.  He has become my passion..."  (Noark, Conn.)

"We enjoyed the exhibit and Hibbing!  What an amazing musician."

"How does it feel?  It feels great to be in Hibbing - Bob Dylan's hometown!!  Love ya, Bob."  (Amarillo, Texas) 
"Took one lifetime (so far) to get here, but here I am.  Thanks, Brother Bob, for your journey and mine.  Love and respect."  (Albert, Canada)

"Long trip from England, but well worth it.  Many Happy Returns Bob!!!"

"Just passing.  Saw the light on."  (Australia)

"...Bob Dylan has provided a soundtrack for my life"  (Fargo, ND)

There were many more great comments and we invite everyone to stop by, see the exhibit, and add their own mark in our book.

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