Thursday, January 12, 2012

Some Bennett Park History

Did you know that in 1926, 600,000 people visited Bennett Park.  21,959 motor vehicles passed through the park gates.  2,384 picnics were held at the campfire places.  30,383 persons participated in these picnics.  35,440 children enjoyed the wading pool.  6,352 people utilized the pavilion.  114,219 people visited the animal house.  45,270 people were served at the Refectory.  2,519 cars occupied the Tourist Camp.  9,289 people comprised the Tourist Camp parties.  63,124 people visited the conservatory and greenhouses, which were the most modern and finest of their size in the northwest.  65,000 flowering plants are produced annually in the greenhouses for the beautifying of public parks and grounds surrounding public institutions.  164 species of wild animals, water fowl, pheasants and song birds were contained within the zoological section.  4,364 persons attended the Chrysanthemum show.  563,547 people visited some part of the park in 1926.

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