Monday, August 06, 2012

Lake Country by Sean Doolittle

Mike Barlowe and Darryl Potter served together with Evan Morse who was killed by a roadside bomb in Ramadi. Back in Minnesota, Evan’s younger sister is killed by an inattentive driver, Wade Benson. Benson receives a light sentence and Darryl Potter decides that kidnapping Benson’s daughter is a better punishment.
After Darryl kidnaps Juliet Benson, Mike Barlowe feels obligated to help a fellow marine because buddies stick up for each other. Darryl is a head case and Mike knows it and helps his friend anyway. Mike finds Darryl and Juliet up in northern Minnesota lake country and tries to help both Juliet and Darryl.

“For just a moment, Mike didn’t see the Darryl Potter in the canoe with him. Instead, he saw the beat-up Marine leaning over him in the back of a Humvee. In his mind, Mike saw a white smile in a battle-grimed face, and he recognized that face for what it truly had been: the face of a soul at ease. A man in his element, doing a job he’d been cut out to do. Happy.”
“Darryl Potter didn’t need any medals. What he needed was an enemy.” And Wade Benson was it.
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