Monday, August 27, 2012

The Map of Lost Memories by Kim Fay

Practically raised in the Brooke Museum, Irene Blum always thought she would be in charge of the museum one day. But in 1925, women were easily passed over in favor of men in key positions. Irene's benefactor instead sends her off to the Far East in search of the lost copper scrolls of the Khmer civilization with several names of people who could be of help to her. Irene, upset with being passed over, is determined to find the scrolls and open a museum of her own with the scrolls giving her the recognition she deserves.
What causes some people to drop everything they have ever known and go off on an adventure?
Anne, a person who had abandoned a - in her words - a decent husband, a comforable home - offers this explanation:
"I'm thankful every day for that moment of recklessness. How else would I every have made it to the other side?"
"What do you mean, the other side?"
"The place where one feels truly alive. Too many people surrender to a place of safety. That place where all they do is long to sleep so they can dream about living. Even if you don't find what you think you're looking for, darling, it's the going out and looking for it that counts. That is the only way you can know you have lived. "
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