Tuesday, September 03, 2013

How the Light Gets In by Louise Penny

Inspector Gamache of the Surete de Quebec (homicide division of Quebec) fights his biggest battle yet against his corrupt bosses and a shadowy network of people who have much to lose if the Inspector figures out what their plan is. With the best transferred out of the homicide squad, Gamache is left with an insolent and incompetent squad who taunt him that his life as a respected inspector is over.
Three Pines, a safe haven for the lost and disenfranchised, is getting ready for the holidays. Myrna, bookstore owner and a psychiatrist a lifetime ago, gets a visit from an old friend and former patient.  Constance Pineault visits and makes friends with the fascinating and eccentric villagers of Three Pines, an obscure village that has been missed by maps and the Internet. Invited back for the holidays, Constance doesn't arrive and Myrna, concerned, asks Inspector Gamache to find out if something is wrong.  Inspector Gamache and Inspector Lacoste, loyal and the only one left in what was once the best arm of the Quebec police, take on a case of murder when the last of the world famous Ouellet Quints, is murdered. For Constance is the last of the Ouellet Quints.

Building to a satisfying conclusion in this ninth book in the series, Inspector Gamache is helped by the loyal friends of Three Pines to conceal his three colleagues in the Surete who believe in him and realize the corruption reaches the highest levels of the Quebec government.

Winner of the Agatha Award five times and many other best book awards for mysteries, more can be read about Louise Penny at her website: http://www.louisepenny.com/

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