Thursday, May 08, 2014

The Devil’s Workshop by Alex Grecian

1890, London
Jack the Ripper is alive and chained to a cell wall in the catacombs below London held and tortured by a secret society of men wanting justice for Jack’s victims.
A train is deliberately sent into the wall of Bridewell Prison releasing an unknown number of murderers into London. Scotland Yard’s elite murder squad is sent out to retrieve the prisoners before they kill again. Detective Inspector Walter Day, Sergeant  Hammersmith and retired Inspector Adrian March are teamed up to chase down the killers including Cinderhouse who Day and Hammersmith had apprehended a few months before. Cinderhouse, abductor and killer of young children and two officers, had vowed vengeance on the Day family. Meanwhile, Inspector Day’s wife Claire, is close to having her baby. Sir Edward sends young Constable Winthrop to keep watch over the Day household.
Cinderhouse, along with another escaped prisoner, Griffin, enter the tunnels below London. An altercation ensues and Cinderhouse leaves Griffin unconscious with a broken leg. As he wanders through the tunnels underground, he finds and unchains Jack without knowing who Jack really is.

Suspenseful, with a stunning climax, go back and read the first 2 books: The Yard and The Black Country. Find in new books Fiction GRECIAN.

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