Friday, October 14, 2011

Defensive Wounds by Lisa Black

Theresa MacLean, forensic investigator, is called to the murder of the criminal defense attorney, Marie Corrigan, by a text from her daughter who has a summer job at the front desk of the famed hotel. The Ritz-Carlton in Cleveland is hosting a convention for lawyers when Corrigan is found in the presidential suite by housekeeping.

Not well liked, Marie Corrigan was not exactly mourned by the police community who nevertheless must investigate her murder while believing that her unethical behavior in the courtroom caused her death. Corrigan’s murder has many suspects as this police procedural looks for a killer amongst her personal and professional relationships.

Theresa, while pulling samples from the presidential suite where Corrigan was found tries to limit her daughter Rachel’s exposure to the grim aspects of the murder investigation when a second murder occurs. In this fourth book in the mystery series, Theresa and the homicide detectives, Kelly and Powell, try to figure out how the murder occurs in this new twist in the case of the locked room when there is no record of an electronic key issued.

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ehsani said...

I also reviewed this book here

you gotta have in mind that not every body likes this sort of book. It doesn't have enough adernaline for thriller lovers however the forensics aspects of the novel are notable.