Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Trick of the Light by Louise Penny

Chief Inspector Gamache revisits the small village of Three Pines after a body is found in the flowerbed of his artist friends, Clara and Peter Morrow. Clara, full of terror and joy at the accolades for the success of her gallery showing, is astonished when a body is discovered the morning after the party.

Louise Penny says this about her books: “My books are about terror. That brooding terror curled deep down inside us. But more than that, more than murder, more than all the rancid emotions and actions, my books are about goodness. And kindness. About choices. About friendship and belonging. And love. Enduring love.
If you take only one thing away from any of my books I'd like it to be this:  Goodness exists.”

Louise Penny has a website:
The seventh and previous books in the series are available through Hibbing Public Library and our digital media catalog.

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