Friday, October 21, 2011

Young Adult Novels

Books stacking up on my desk....  I need to get them back out on the shelves! ~Ginny
Here are my Fall 2011 Young Adult reads:

Ruby Red By Kerstin Gier. Translated by Anthea Bell (2011).  Warning: this is the first in a time travel series, translated from the original German (2009).  So, unless you can read German and get a copy of Sapphire Blue in German, you will have to wait until 2012 for the second book (New York Times Review).  Gwenyth's cousin Charlotte has been trained all her life to time travel, but when they turn 16 it is Gwenyth that jumps back in time with handsome but snooty Gideon. Good enough that I wished I'd waited until all the books are out (in English!)

Skyship Academy: The Pearl Wars by Nick James (2011).  Published right here in Minnesota (Flux Books, Woodbury).  Another first in a series (more patience required).  Much more science fiction than fantasy.  The year is 2095 in post-apocalypse American, two boys are thrown together Jesse from the skyship community, Cassius from the government on the Surface.  Both competing for the Pearls of energy that fall from the sky.  Both wondering where they fit in their warring societies and why the adults that mentor them are not telling them the whole story...
Ten questions with Nick James

And now for something completely different:
the summer i learned to fly by Dana Reinhardt (2011).  Not a series, not out of this world.  Dana, at age 13 and a bit of  a loner, hangs out at her mother's cheese shop.  She is given a rat, just a regular pet rat she names Hum, no magic abilities. But that rat leads her to meet Emmett, a friend who leads her into summer adventures and new awareness of herself, her town, and the people that share it. Indiebound Kid's Next List

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