Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lake Superior Day 2012

Lake Superior Day is Sunday, July 15th. It is an annual event held the 3rd Sunday in July by the Lake Superior Bi-national Forum. The Forum offers a Lake Superior Stewards program to help people who care about the Lake find ways to protect it. For more information or to register to become a Steward go to

10 ways to protect the Lake

1. Save Water. Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth and install low-flow shower heads. Small changes can save hundreds of gallons per year.

2. Recycle as Much as You Can. The four”Rs”: reduce, reuse, recycle, and repair—save money, avoid waste. Never burn trash!

3. Curb Yard Pollution. Put your lawn on a chemical-free diet, or at least reduce your use of pesticides and fertilizers. Whatever you put on your yard washes into streams, rivers, and lakes.

4. Help Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers. Inspect your boat and trailer, and remove any plants or animals before leaving a boat access. Don’t pick up invasive hitchhikers.

5. Go Native. Landscape with plants antive to your region. They’re heartier, need less maintenance.

6. Plant Trees. Trees provide shade, prevent erosion, make homes for wildlife.

7. Tap the Rain. Install a rain barrel to douse gardens rather than using tap water.

8. Energize Your Home. Create an energy-efficient home. Reduced electricity and energy use reduces toxins in the air and in the Lake.

9. Waste Not. Take all household hazardous materials to appropriate waste collection sites. Don’t flush hazardous materials, pile them in the yard, or throw them into the trash.

10. Love the Lake. This is the most important of all! Get out and enjoy the Big Lake any way that you can.

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