Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pulse by John Lutz

Pulse (Frank Quinn, #7)
Frank Quinn, former NYPD homicide detective, is back in this 7th book in the series featuring Quinn and Associates. “Private Cops,” Pearl, Quinn’s girlfriend and associate, calls them when they receive a call from Renz, the New York City Police Commissioner, to handle a politically sensitive serial murder case. Serial killer, Daniel Danielle, presumed missing and dead during a hurricane several years before, appears to be back in New York with his signature trademark of torturing his female victims with a knife before he kills them.
Quinn and Pearl hunted Daniel Danielle 10 years before when the murder victims piling up in New York closely resembled Pearl.  The latest victim, is found in Central Park, killed by the newly resurrected Daniel Danielle. Quinn and his partners, Pearl, Sal, Harold and Fedderman, race to capture the serial killer before their friend and associate, Pearl, becomes the serial killer’s latest victim.
John Lutz is the author of 4 different mystery series, including: Alo Nudger, Fred Carver, E. L. Oxman and Art Toban, Frank Quinn as well as many nonseries mysteries.

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