Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Financial Literacy Month

April is Financial Literacy Month and the USA.gov site has some great tips.

Choose the Right Savings Account

Understanding the difference between different kinds of savings accounts can be overwhelming. Your goal is to find a safe place to put your money, but with all the options, how do you know which account is right for you?
Before making your decision, consider the following:
  • Minimum deposit amount: Does the account require you to keep a certain amount of money in the account at all times?
  • Limit on withdrawals: How often can you take out money?
  • Interest: How much will your money earn just for being in the account?
  • Deposit Insurance: Is your money insured in case something happens?
  • Convenience: How easy it is to for you to deposit or withdraw money?

Be Prepared for an Emergency

Being financially prepared doesn't just mean you understand your budget and have a healthy emergency fund. While having savings to fall back on will make it easier to recover after a disaster, a lack of quick access to cash and not being able to locate vital records, ATM cards or proof of identification can make it harder to get back on your feet quickly.

FEMA recommends you put together a financial emergency preparedness kit. Take inventory of valuables in your home for your insurance. Take photos of the items as well as the inside and outside of your house.
Store these photos, along with a small amount of cash and copies of important documents (like your insurance policies) in a safe place at home as part of your emergency disaster kit. In the event of an emergency, you'll be able to use your kit to help file insurance claims.

Teach Your Kids Good Money Habits

Smart saving and spending habits start early in life. You can help your kids understand money basics with fun and educational comic strips from Kids.gov. The comics teach the importance of saving and help kids find creative ways to be frugal.

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