Friday, April 12, 2013

Night Moves by Randy Wayne White

Doc Ford gets involved with a missing cat, an intelligent but stray dog, Tomlinson and his latest psychotic married girlfriend, Voodoo drug dealers, a Brazilian assassin and a search for 5 navy bombers missing since World War II. 
While Dan Futch, Doc Ford and Tomlinson take a plane ride over the Everglades with an idea about where the missing planes could have crashed, they almost crash land themselves when they find their plane’s rudder sabotaged. All three have made enemies during their remarkable careers and have told their friends different stories about their flight plans over the Everglades. 
Tomlinson and Ford –as in previous books –keep to a line of patter guaranteed to amuse and entertain the reader. Tomlinson’s latest married partner, Crescent Arturo, somewhat unstable and on the prowl for a new lover or three, has a menacing husband as well as homicidal brother-in-law. Despite warnings by Doc after Crescent tried to sabotage his relationship with Hannah Smith, Tomlinson tries to help her - calling her a tortured and confused soul.
Ford finds himself trying to keep his life in Dinkin’s Bay on Sanibel Island from blowing up in his face while protecting his friends and himself.
Night Moves is book twenty in the series. Start this adventurous series with Sanibel Flats.

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