Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Joy Fit Club: Cookbook Diet Plan and Inspiration by Joy Bauer

Joy Fit Club: Cookbook, Diet Plan & Inspiration Book (Hardcover)

Joy Bauer says, "The Joy Fit Club represents a transformation in the way people view losing weight. The dieters I work with are turned off by the idea of potentially risky surgery, and they've usually tried every quick fix in the book and don't want to fail again. They actually summon up the nerve to stare down the $60 billion weight loss industry, with its potions, pills and surgery, and say, 'Thanks, but no thanks. I'll do it my way.' The good news is that realistic and balanced eating and exercise plans work(now and for the long haul) if you have the right strategies and the core motivation."
Try the recipes, read the personal stories and follow Joy's 10 rules for weight loss.
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