Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Lost Ones by Ace Atkins

The Lost Ones cover
Quinn Colson, former Army Ranger back from Afghanistan, and newly elected sheriff on Tibbehah County, doesn’t waste any time going up against a Mexican cartel running guns, a corrupt city father, Johnny Stagg, and an illegal adoption ring.

Colson, young in years, nevertheless, is able to run a nine man department with many county miles to cover, while succeeding the previous sheriff who just happened to be Colson’s uncle. Colson, now living at his uncle’s old farmhouse with the dog Hondo, returns to his family and friends to start a new chapter in his life.

Lillie Virgil, the only holdover from the previous regime of slackers and crooked deputies, steers him through the murky waters of county politics while watching his back as the chief deputy for Tibbehah County.

When the doctor husband of Colson’s previous girlfriend stops by to give him a heads up on Janet Torres, a former daycare provider, who brought in a 3 year old child with too injuries to attribute from falling out of a shopping cart, Colson investigates. The farmhouse is deserted with thirteen empty cribs and many cages of sick and dying dogs. Torres, on the run, was operating a puppy mill and supposedly a daycare out of her home. At the same time, the ATF sends a representative to meet with Colson investigating Donnie Varner, discharged and also back from Afghanistan. Varner brought back guns he liberated from the U. S. Army hoping to sell to a Mexican cartel. Soon the two cases merge when Colson finds out Torres’s boyfriend has ties to the cartel.

Second in the Quinn Colson series, we see plenty of action and eagerly wait for the next book featuring the former Army Ranger, now sheriff in the wilds of Tibbehah country, Mississippi.
Ace Atkins has a website: www.aceatkins.com

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