Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Civil War in 50 Objects by Harold Holzer and The New York Historical Society

"Under the expert guidance of the New-York Historical Society's leadership, the fifty treasures chosen from among many offer a novel way to tell the national, state, city, and intensely personal stories of the war, from the vantage points of both the famous and the anonymous, military and civilian, black and white, men and women - all surely representing what their original owners or creators believed was their own commitment to 'worthy causes.'
To be sure, the book includes the collection's most extraordinary Civil War items - and there are many: the original model for the war's greatest technological marvel, the ironclad USS Monitor; a copy of General Grant's handwritten terms for Confederate surrender; Abraham Lincoln's modest scribbled estimate of his chances for reelection;" - and many more.  from the preface.
Find the book under 973.7075 HOLZE

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